Meet Our Team

Ashley Wright (Nurse Coordinator)

Ashley Wright, Fertility Nurse

Ashley, a graduate of Mohawk College with Honours, gained valuable experience in hospital nursing at Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga prior to being presented with the opportunity to pursue a passion for Fertility Nursing with Niagara Fertility. Ashley’s compassionate and caring demeanor is an asset to our patients. Life Quest Centre for Reproductive Medicine, True North Imaging and Roche have provided Ashley with state of the art training for her position at Niagara Fertility. Ashley continues to advance her knowledge through her continued commitment to obtaining a certificate in perinatal nursing. Ashley’s solid knowledge base ensures couples a comfortable and informed journey to achieving pregnancy.

Chantal (CJ) Lapierre (Assistant Nurse Coordinator)

Chantal Lapierre, Assistant Nurse Coordinator

Chantal graduated from Mohawk College in 2011 and has gained valuable knowledge and experience working in Primary Care for 7 years before pursuing her passion in Fertility Nursing. She is a hard working and compassionate individual who takes pride in providing quality patient-centered care to individuals on their journey to parenthood and opening the doors to discovering opportunities for new life.

Dr. Andrew Browning (Medical Director)

Dr. Andrew Browning

Dr. Browning completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology prior to commencing Medical School at McMaster University. He graduated from McMaster in 1989 and completed a rotating internship at the University of Toronto the following year. Dr. Browning completed specialty training in Obstetrics & Gynecology, with a special interest in fertility, at the University of Western Ontario in 1994. Dr. Browning has many years of experience as the Medical Director of a network of Fertility Clinics that are some of the busiest and most recognized in the country. In 2013 Dr. Browning and partners strove to improve fertility treatment access in Durham region by forming Lakeridge Fertility Centre. The success and profound client satisfaction with this medical model has prompted the desire to expand access to fertility treatment in the Stoney Creek, Niagara Peninsula Region. Dr. Browning is the Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie and is a clinical teacher for the Rural Ontario Medical Programme and the University of Toronto Family Medicine Teaching Unit at RVH in Barrie.

David Weeks (Managing Director)

David Weeks

David is an experienced business person that has worked in various senior management positions with a number of multi-national companies in North America including a role as Director of Marketing, Sales Planning and Business Communications at Gillette Canada. David developed expertise in the health care field after spending a number of years employed with Bristol Myers Squibb, as well as being a client with his wife in their own successful fertility experience under the care of Dr. Browning a number of years ago. David will be responsible for the efficient and smooth operation of the clinic with a focus on customer care, and will maintain strong collaborative relationships with the medical community and local municipalities.